Coming soon: Huge musical variety!

Do you like Guy Clark and Sam Cooke? Bonnie Raitt and Nat King Cole? Disparate new artists like Pokey Lafarge and Nathaniel Rateliff?

Classic soul, contemporary folk, southern rock, alt-country, some bluegrass, a nice helping of the blues – and even, maybe, a touch of the Mills Brothers?

Then you have found your radio show: M.D. Spenser’s Big Fat Wide Americana Hour, coming here soon.

As the old poem says, “Variety is the very spice of life.” That applies to music, too. Who wants to listen to the same thing every day when so many incredible sounds have come out of the U.S.?

And America has made few contributions to world culture greater than its disparate styles of music.

If variety excites you and spices up your life, join me here for one of the most exciting new radio shows to come along in years. Featuring a broad and exciting musical palette – the many sounds of American music.

Right here, in this space: M.D. Spenser’s Big Fat Wide Americana Hour.

See you soon!

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