An Omission Corrected! Nawlins, here we come!

How could it be? Five programs into The Big Fat Wide Americana Hour without so much as a nod to New Orleans -- one of the greatest of all American musical cities.

Well, in the show to be released Saturday, March 19, we correct that omission -- and how!

We present a romp though the finest of New Orleans music from past to present. Enjoy Dr. John, Big Mama Thornton, Dr. Michael White, Louis Armstrong ("Well, hello, Dolly ... This is me, Louis!)

Take a trip with us down to the bayou for some swampy rock, blues, rhythm and jazz! All beginning Saturday.

And be sure to drop me a line at I love hearing from y'all!



Dr. John (above)

Aaron Neville (L)

Louis Armstrong (R)

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