Around the world in 30 days!

Who could have believed it?

When we started The Big Fat Wide Americana Hour one month ago, the concept was adacious.

More than one British radio exec told me it would never work. People like their preferred genre for a reason, they said. Listeners don't want variety. They don't want to hear different stuff. They don't want to hear music they haven't already heard a hundred times before.

Well, guess what? Some people are actually curious. They're stimulated by variety. They like the occasional surprise. They're happy when a radio show introduces them to music they haven't heard before.

The proof? In the first 30 days, The Big Fat Wide Americana Hour has been tuned in by people in 18 countries -- from the U.S. to the U.K., from the Netherlands to New Zealand.

See ... never underestimate people. And never underestimate the power of music. One can only wonder what the next month will hold!

Hear it here:

It's a success! Onward!

And thanks for listening.


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