Great covers -- a true art

A myth grew up in the 1960s and '70s -- one that persists, in some quarters, even today. And that is that true artists sing songs they've written. Confessional songs, songs that relatespecifically to their their own lives.

And the corollary is that anyone with a good voice can produce a good cover of someone else's song. Producing a cover version doesn't require artistry, just a good set of pipes.

Well, this week's show, due out Saturday, is dedicated to dispelling that myth. A wonderful singer can sometimes find more in a song than the songwriter knew was in there. It's an interpretive art -- and the song, instead of being the about a single life, chronicles the lives of us all.

Or else, maybe the singer just knows how to have a heck of a lot of fun.

In any event, join us this week for an hour of great covers -- many of them done by musicians who are great songwriters in their own right. You'll hear songwriters like Little Milton, Dion, Gretchen Peters and Dolly Parton giving their own spin to songs written by others.

And, I hope, having a darn good, finger-poppin' time while you listen.

See you there -- at our home page: !

Best wishes,


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