Dylan at 75 -- an appreciation

It is virtually impossible to overstate the influence Bob Dylan has had on American music over the last 50 years. He holds the copyrights to more than 500 songs – including some of the most famous songs of the modern era.

He started, some thought, as a Woodie Guthrie wannabe, a protest singer. And he was both of those things. When he sang “The Times They Are A-Changing” in the early 1960s, he wasn’t kidding. Huge social upheaval was on the way, in terms of the battle for civil rights, the protests against the Vietnam War, and the rejection of materialism as an end in itself.

But he became so much more. He helped bring blues to modern audicences. He wrote love songs, both bitter and sweet. And he could be funny as hell.

Bob Dylan turns 75 on Tuesday, May 24. And The Big Fat Wide Americana Hour is taking the occasion to offer a tasty sampling of his long career – a whole bunch of of Dylan songs, some sung by the man himself, some sung by those who took inspiration from him.

Join us, beginning Saturday, May 21, for some of the best American music you can hear. And – I hope – for a whole big heck of a lot of fun.

As always, just one piece of advice – turn it up. I mean, crank it!

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