Variety Squared!

Betty Lavette

Variety’s our watchword on The Big Fat Wide Americana Hour, and with our next show we’ve outdone ourselves. And a great collection of music it is.

Want some super soul? Betty Lavette qualifies, and how.

What about some country? Johnny Cash would seem to fit the bill. Not to mention Dwight Yoakam singing about Hank William’s last ride.

Doo-wop? The 5 Royales hold up that end of the spectrum admirably. Just plain cute? How about “Ain’t She Sweet,” done by Nat King Cole and his two back-up singers, both of them later famous – Carole Cole, who was 9, and Natalie Cole, who hadn’t yet turned 4. We’re talking exponential cuteness here.

And we’ve got not one, but two singers who would rather be blind. Different songs, but the same wish. I’d just as soon skip it, myself, but what can you say about these darn musicians?

Or perhaps a bit of wisdom? We know you’ve been waiting to hear Chris Smither’s take on the origin of species. And lyrics don’t get much more profound than “Ooh Poo Pah Doo” – done here by Taj Mahal.

And that ain’t all. But the amazing thing is how it all fits together. That – and how much fun it all is to listen to.

So, enjoy! It all starts Saturday. And don’t forget … turn it up! I mean, crank it!

Your friend,


5 Royales
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