Must Be My Baby!

Guy Clark (left), Steve Miller

and Cher --

all on the same show?

Yes! The new edition of

The Big Fat Wide Americana Hour

is online now!

Love great americana?

How about Rodney Crowell

and Kieran Kane?

Crave the blues?

How about Elmore James and (no relation) Colin James?

Want super country?

What do you say to Alison Krauss and Gene Autry?

Other artists featured on this week's show:

Frank Wilson * Amos Garrett

Hans Theessink & Terry Evans

Ray Sharpe * Roomful of Blues

Gloria Jones * Eddie Cochran

Kasey Chambers * Bonnie Tyler

All genres, all eras -- all great.

Hear it here. And crank it!

-- M.D.

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