Give Me One Reason ...

Tracy Chapman (left),

Kenny Loggins

and Patsy Cline --

all on the same show?


The new edition of

The Big Fat Wide Americana Hour

is online now!

With a special feature this week:

A tribute to the multifaceted collaborations now

going on between members of Po'Girl,

Rhiannon Giddens, Birds of Chicago

and others.

These artists are creating

some of the most original and satisfying

folk music in a generation.

But that ain't all!

Like great country?

How about Don Gibson?

Classic soul?

What do you say to Marvin Gaye?

Contemporary country?

Take a listen to The Ponderosa Aces!

Other artists featured on this week's podcast:

Amber Cross * Michael McDermott

Vanessa Peters * The Beach Boys

Awna Teixeira * Danni Nicholls

Songs of Our Native Daughters

All genres, all eras -- all great! Click here

to listen to this fine podcast!

And crank it!

-- M.D.

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