Busted ... no bread!

Ray Charles (left),

Rhonda Vincent

and Shelby Lynne

-- all on the same show?


The new edition of

The Big Fat Wide Americana Hour

is online now!

Love authentic blues?

Try Hans Theessink!

Crave super bluegrass?

What about Rhonda Vincent?

True country?

Can't beat Reba McEntire!

Other artists featured on this week's show:

Bessie Smith * Eric Clapton

Angela Strehli (with Don Covay!)

J.P. Soars * Claire Lynch

Chain Station * Bill Haley

Danny Schmidt * Henry Mancini

The Cox Family * The Mamas and the Papas

Our Native Daughters

All genres, all eras -- all great!

Hear the podcast here.

And crank it!

-- M.D.

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