Pink leather boots!

Karen Jonas (right),

Stevie Ray Vaughan and

Huey Lewis & the News

-- all on the same show?

Oh yes!

That can only

mean one thing!

The new edition of

The Big Fat Wide Americana Hour

is online now!

Love deep blues?

How about Arthur "Big Boy" Cruddup?

Shimmering folk?

Can't beat Po' Girl for that!

Wonderful songwriting?

Gretchen Peters is among the best!

Other artists featured on this week's show:

Elvis Presley * Eric Clapton

Our Native Daughters

Bruce Springsteen * Marlena Shaw

Jimmie Vaughan * Branjae

John Fulbright * Paul Benjamin

Dr. Michael White

All genres, all eras -- all great!

Don't miss this one. Click here

anytime to hear the show.

And crank it!

-- M.D.

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